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Laliga: Real Madrid 3-1 Barcelona 25/10/2014

0 - 1 Neymar (G) 4' (assist by: L. Suárez)

1 - 1 Cristiano Ronaldo (PG) 35'

2 - 1 Pepe (G) 50' (assist by: T. Kroos)

3 - K. Benzema (G) 61' (assist by: J. Rodríguez)

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RGB3016d ago

Pepe made no effort at all leading to Neymar's goal. Messi missed a sitter, thanks to Iker, no thanks to Pepe again. Ultimately makes up for it with his goal though.

Benzema was so wasteful in the 1st half it wasn't even funny; missed a toe-poke, over-ran a cross from Marcelo which could of lead to a goal. Hits post and cross-bar within moments of each other. Messed up a pass in the 2nd half with Ronaldo in bags of space. Just like Pepe's mistakes, he made up for it at the expense of Isco's poor pass to Ronaldo before the goal eventually came.

Near perfect showing from Madrid's back four though, Barca's chances were all moot after their goal. Iker made several decent saves throughout. Nothing incredible outside Mathieu long drive, which Iker produced a godly save to deny.

I'm sure some will be shouting, "Ramos, off!" Suarez went down way too easily, looking for it and the ref agreed. However, Pique was a lucky boy with just a yellow! Pulling Benzema down in the box and off the ball during the 1st half.

Madrid's wasteful finishing made this game look a lot closer than it actually was. Both Benzema and Ronaldo made terrible passing and shooting decisions throughout. It really could have been a horror show for Barca if Madrid was more clinical. Nonetheless, superb ball control at the back and intense counter-attacking football showed Madrid were the superior side in both halves. Just like at Anfield, a training session in the 2nd half for Madrid, even with the game at 1-1 going into it.

Man of the Match; Isco and/or Marcelo, perfect performances from them both.

xX_Altair_Xx3016d ago

MOM was Carvajal for me - developed into a beast of a RB over last couple of years.

Real are just scary on the counter and Barca played right into their hands.

asmith23063016d ago

"Madrid's wasteful finishing made this game look a lot closer than it actually was" - what game were you watching? Barca had a host of chances at the start too. If Messi had of slotted home the headlines would all be about Barca being back to greatness. Games swing on these little moments, but to suggest Madrid walked away with this is off the mark. They capitalised on Barcas mistakes and Barca didn't take their early chances. Simple as that.

RGB3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

I watched the game from whistle to whistle. Beyond the 25th minute mark in the 1st half, Barca never had a chance that looked to threat Real. Madrid on the other hand had chances upon chances yet Barca were saved due to the incompetence of Real's finishing rather than defensive quality by Luis Enrique's men.

Barca had 2 clear chances, Messi's near miss and Mathieu distant strike, both stopped by Iker. Benzema alone for Madrid, had more!

xX_Altair_Xx; agreed, Carvajal played great too and is looking to be Spain's #1 RB for years to come.

PS4OUR3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

I don't know why you have 2 disagrees. Barcelona over the years have always had their midfield mask their average defence.

"If Messi had of slotted home"
But Messi didn't slot home. You can "if" all day. Point is Barca didn't take their chances. Madrid did and they had a boatload more chances than Barca. Madrid were scathing on the counter attack at times, so much so that you could pretty much have them nailed on to score everytime they got forward had it not been for Benzema, Rodriguez and Ronaldo overplaying in the final third almost like they wanted to walk the ball in the net.

"but to suggest Madrid walked away with this is off the mark. They capitalised on Barcas mistakes"
Um, no, Marcelo was given licence to nail Barca's right side time. Time and time again Marcelo found himself in acres of space on Barca's right. Captilise on Barca's mistakes? No, tactically brilliant decision by Ancelotti to nullify and expose Danny Alves? Of course.
Give credit where its due. Madrid deserved the victory and not on the back of Barcelona mistakes.
Madrid were simply more ruthless in their attack.

asmith23063016d ago

Three mistakes by Barca and Madrid capitalised, story of the game really. Good game but not a classic El Classico!

Nes_Daze3015d ago

I agree, three huge mistakes, what the hell were Pique and Iniesta thinking? I honestly just laughed with Pique's handball because I really don't get surprised anything he does anymore...-_- Iniesta with the craplaod of experience he has tries to control a ball with his back to Madrid's counterattack.

Linwelin3015d ago

Liverpool losing to Real does not seem so bad now.

Nes_Daze3015d ago

Barca seemed to have started fine but credit to Real for forcing those mistakes on a weak defense. Pique almost never shows up to a Classico, Mathieu's passing was horrible so he became a bit useless in the LB position. I also noticed that Barca was unconcerned with avoiding corner kicks or crosses, I saw James frequently free to deliver a cross. Barca's passing was also horrible, probably the worst I've seen in a while from them.

And why did Luis Enirque start Suarez?? The man hasn't played a big match since the summer, just stupid imo.