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Highlights: Barcelona 0 : 1 Celta Vigo Liga BBVA 1/11/14


Larrivey (55') 0-1

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Spiewie 3013d ago

Now that they're 2 points behind they don't have a lot of room for error teams like Celta Vigo shouldn't surprise like this.

xX_Altair_Xx3013d ago

Wow, in the space of two matches, they've gone from being top, 4 points ahead of Real to 3rd and 2 points behind. If results go against them they could be 5th. Enrique no doubt will already be feeling the pressure, and I really think Barca are already identifying replacements if he fails.

Spiewie 3013d ago

I agree, I also think they should change their play style a little bit encourage their players to do some individual work on the pitch more shots less unnecessary passes.

Rick_Ross_Boss3013d ago

As much as I would hate to admit it but Barca need to rebuild there midfield. They are to slow and old, and maybe a world class manager and they might start to get back to their old best

Nes_Daze3013d ago

This is why I was against Thiago Alcantara leaving, eventually that midfield was gonna age and become slow, predictable.. Credit to the Celta Vigo goalkeeper though, and Barca were quite unlucky..