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Manchester United would have done better than Manchester City in the Champions League

Manchester United might have finished 22 points behind their city rivals last season but they would have done better in the Champions League than Manchester City. That is the view of former United star Quinton Fortune, who says the European form of the Premier League champions is a mystery.

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S2Killinit3048d ago

not sure what happened to Man City. They did horrible. They didn't play bad, but still didn't get any results. /:

b163o13048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

With a City win and a Munich win we'll be in the knockout stage. Did you even watch today's game. We struggle but we're improving. Why would they even mention a team that isn't even playing for any trophies but the BPL? United are horrible period.

S2Killinit3048d ago

no I didn't watch today's. and you gave it away lol I was recording it. haha but its cool.

b163o13047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

Oh snap, my bad man. I've been in that boat. Still worth watching thou. Again my apologies man

EnzoLuca3048d ago

City have no heart, plain and simple

b163o13047d ago

Showed plenty of heart yesterday....

EnzoLuca3046d ago

Individual brilliance cant be defined as "heart"

City have no identity to their play style. They play with an open 4-4-2 with little to no intensity. Yes you will get the odd good result but on average they are.. well.. average