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Torres, Vidic, Cole, now Johnson? Serie A must stop signing Premier League rejects

When Paul Gascoigne infamously burped into an Italian journalist's microphone during his notorious three-year spell with Lazio, club president Sergio Cragnotti vowed that he would "not buy any more English players".

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EnzoLuca2804d ago

As an AC Milan fan im sad about the current and future state of Serie A

Only Juve will win in for the next 3 years then the overall quality of the league will plummett

No Italian club will win the Champions League in the next 5 years

dennett3162804d ago

Vidic, Cole and Johnson aren't rejects...they were quality players who served their clubs well and went to Italy for an easier time of things due to age, injury etc. Torres didn't quite work out here, but even he was part of a Champions League winning side in the last 5 years while Italian teams didn't have a sniff of it.
And hey, Liverpool signed Balotelli and he's not exactly setting the world on fire either...perhaps we should stop buying Italian rejects?

PixelGateUk2804d ago

Hate to break it to you...but Johnson has been awful in a Liverpool shirt for the arse end of last season and most of this.

Jonnyquest3212804d ago

Rejects is probably a bit harsh but all those players are unwanted, well past their best and on a downward spiral in their career.