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Highlights: Manchester United 0-1 Southampton (EPL - 11/01/15)

Tadic (69')

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neoragex2939d ago

Hahahaha, 0 shots on target.

Well done Southampton.

asmith23062939d ago

£150m later and they are still no better off than last year in the table. Wonder when their fortunes will turn around again.

listenkids2938d ago

Well that's false. Points are the same, but they're 4th, not 7th.

United had a terrible game, but all credit to Southampton, they played the perfect game.

KingPin2939d ago

united played like complete other word for it.

di maria looked lost. clearly he cant play as a center striker. he's a runner, he needs to play on the wing and have a go at defenders. he clearly isnt the type of player who is used to getting the ball over his shoulder. he looked awkward the entire match.

midfield....where to even start. garbage really. couldnt find the strikers. every ball was predictable and got cut out. no imagination.

luke shaw...what the hell is this guy? midfielder? winger? defensive player? whole match he did nothing but pass back to blind.

well done to southampton though. they got exactly what the deserved from the match. glad to see another team challenging for top 4 aside from the usual suspects.

Sahil2939d ago

van gaal sending fellaini on to save the game.. Priceless!

jak3y13oy2939d ago

that's why Southampton are the best defense this season! 0 shots on target is embarrassing!

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