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Highlights: Chelsea 2 : 4 Bradford (F.A Cup 24/1/15)


Cahill (20')1-0

Ramires (37')2-0

Stead (40')2-1

Morais (74')2-2

Halliday (81')2-3

Yeates (90')2-4

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Spiewie 2670d ago

One of the shocks of the day. Just the FA cup after all don't think Chelsea cares too much about that as they sit on top of the Prem with 5 points in the bag.

ProjectVulcan2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Of the day? Of the history of the cup more like. They should care, the players were talking about doubles and trebles before and Mourinho said it would be disgraceful to lose.

It makes it even more amazing when Chelsea were 2-0 up, and it was at Stamford Bridge.

A place where you can count the number of games Mourinho has lost on your fingers managing Chelsea.

But on top of even that, it wasn't a scrappy unlucky close loss and fielding a youth team, it was FOUR deserved goals from a side 2 leagues below them and Chelsea had a strong side chock full of internationals out!

RGB2669d ago

1st I'd like to say, I'm from the city of Bradford and my social media blow up. I missed the game for various reasons, mainly hanging out with friends.

Anyway... Jose should be embarrassed. This defeat is way bigger than 5-0 at Nou Camp all those years ago. More tragic is how he clearly had a pop at Carlo / Madrid after being dumped out of the Cop del Rey last week.

He talked about "feeling disgraced" if Chelsea was eliminated, "big teams" should challenge for everything. Saying it's terrible getting knocked and being okay with focusing on efforts elsewhere.

Wonder how it feels? To be a specialist at failure? Calling out Madrid while they've won 4 titles in 1 year and he's won nothing in 2 and a half years! Carlo won more trophies last year than Mou has in 5 too!