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‘Le Zlatan’ Burger is as Incredible as Zlatan

TK: Besides his exceptional talent, goal-scoring abilities and swagger Zlatan Ibrahimovic also now has an ‘incredible’ burger to his name called the ‘Le Zlatan’.

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saadd202675d ago

A burger fit for a Zlatan!

masterfox2675d ago

That looks fu#$CKING delicious,I'm so hungry right now :(

big_dom_part_22675d ago

Eat a Zlatan and get fat-an.

Bet you they are overrated. A bit like the parrot-nosed twat himself. Now, if you take a big shit after eating one, that does him more justice.

Dasteru2675d ago

Swap out the blue cheese for chevrai then add 2 thick slices of ham, a pineapple ring, 2 large onion rings, a fried egg, a scoop of chili and a fat stack of sauteed portobellos and i'll be all over it.

joyride912673d ago

then it wont be a Le Zlatan would it?

Dasteru2673d ago

Maybe not but it would taste alot better.

joyride912672d ago

i wonder what would be in a 'Le Ronaldo or a 'Le Messi'. we can always go for (Fer)Nando's Chicken nuggets and Balotelli steak. Suarez Hot Dog anyone?