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Arsenal in Do-or-die Battle Against Monaco

Arsenal face tough test against AS Monaco FC tonight in their second leg Round of 16 clash in the UEFA Champions League. The Gunners have a point to prove as they conceded 3 away goals in the first leg at the Emirates Stadium. However, they did score a goal but the circumstances favor Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger's former club.

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saadd202999d ago

Gunners will need to step up their game or they will be washed out. Wenger may as well quit if they lose this one.

windblowsagain2998d ago

Arsenal won and played well for the most part, but they still tried to walk the ball in far too often and had they shot more would have progressed.

Monaco were woeful and will not progress any further.

joyride912998d ago

yea man too bad Gunners lost. I was rooting for them. Now its only City. Monaco wont last longer than the Quarters. its game over for them. Barca, Real Madrid, PSG and Bayern look like contenders to me.