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'Floyd is the man' - Neymar, Rooney & the football world react to Mayweather v Pacquiao superfight

The world's football stars took a break from talking about their usual sport on Saturday to concentrate on a different one - boxing.

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zoks3102616d ago

And Still undefeated!!!!!!!!

d4v03332616d ago

seriously that was the most terrible boxing match ever and who ever calls mayweather a boxer than I have nothing to say to i'll leave this video here that pretty much sums up the whole fight

Sitdown2615d ago

Sounds like you forgot that it's the "sport" of boxing. As your video suggested, casual fans need not apply. 47 fights in, people expected something completely different. Dude only has something like 10 knockouts in his career.

Alxe2615d ago

YEssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssss

iliimaster2616d ago

the guy does nothing for the sport of boxing... infact he hurts the sport with this just get by winning style that makes people say this is boxing? meh ill pass

s45gr322615d ago

I agree, but what happened to Pacquaio ferocity. I mean when he fought Marquez, De La Hoya, Margarito ; he didn't give a crap of their style and went like a speedy tornado cruching his opponents. Instead of brawling, street boxing Mayweather. He decided to box Mayweather lame. Maidana proved that brawling, street boxing Mayweather is the only way to beat Mayweather. Boxing Mayweather is useless and doesn't work. Everybody should know this by now. That's why the match turned boring for Pacquaio did not fought like old Pacquaio (by the way Margarito was taller than Mayweather and stronger;yet ,Pacquaio was feferocious and brawled Margarito) .Instead Pacquaio tried to outbox Mayweather which it doesn't work. Castillo brawled pretty boy Mayweather and beat him....

iliimaster2614d ago

yeah, im with you man .. I dont understand what happened

Sitdown2615d ago

Apparently sales disagree with you.

s45gr322615d ago

I am more disappointed with Manny Pacquaio than Mayweather. For I knew Mayweather was going to run and jab,run and jab,run and jab. Get my drift,but Pacquaio were was his speed,knockout power,defense. Is like Marquez ended the old Pacquaio or he sold himself out. Pacquaio destroyed Margarito a man taller than Mayweather and stronger. Forced De La Hoya team to throw the towel. The old Pacquaio that was fast, threw powerful blows is gone. What is shocking is that Mayweather this, Mayweather that. I mean to Pacquaio fought like a complete sellout. No speed, no defense, terrible footwork, etc. I hate to say it, but Marcos el Chino Maidana fought way better than Pacquaio.

asmith23062615d ago

I don't watch a whole lot of boxing but my god that was a boring ass fight. Thank the stars for MMA. It's nice to have a combat sport worth watching.

johnherlosky2614d ago

This was billed as the 'biggest fight of the century' it turned out to be the biggest over-hype of the century.