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Manchester United's Glaring Issues Exposed by Swansea

Wayne Rooney

The talisman. The captain. The player who can do wrong in the eyes of Louis van Gaal needs to be judged without bias by his manager following a dreadful display against Swansea.

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Stringerbell2540d ago

Well done by Swansea. Gomis and Ayew have been on a tear these past few games. A perfect showcase as to the talent of Ligue 1 and how these two not only have adapted to the English game but excelled at it.

More on Ayew, he is fast turning into one of the bargains this summer. While I was sad to see him leave Marseille, he's taken Sawnasea by storm and the kicker is he arrived on a free transfer. The LFC transfer board was asleep letting this guy go as he's said on multiple occasions in the past that he was a huge admirer of LFC - oh well...

Anyway, looking forward to seeing how this year turns out for him and for Swansea in general. Top four is quite the long shot but if they keep this up, the Europa League is a shoe in.