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Why the Premier League is no longer the best league in Europe

The Premier League is no longer the best or even the second-best league in Europe.

Unless Leicester City miraculously makes the Champions League final in Cardiff, the Premier League will extend its drought to five years without a finalist in Europe’s top club competition.

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-Mezzo-1921d ago

I might not be the best, but it's certainly the most interesting.

I love German Bundesliga & La Liga but they are not as interesting and engaging as Premiere League, thats just me.

Puty1919d ago

It's still the best in terms of competitiveness and the level of the whole league. But the very best teams play in Spain(Real,Barca, Atleti) and Germany(Bayern) and the Premier League has been taking a regular beating in the Champions league for a couple of years now.

S2Killinit1919d ago

Its almost like watching college football vs bfl at this point.

thisismyaccount1919d ago

Now imagine a parallel universe, where Bosman does not exist. Over 65% of the players in the Premier League are foreigner. Even France has only 40%... and we all remember well Le Blanc´s "Racial Comment".

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RGB1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

As the article highlights, Spain's dominance of European Football has been huge in the last 5 seasons, heck, the last 15. In the last 5 seasons, 15 out of 17 La Liga teams have progressed to the last 8 of the Champions League, only Malaga & Sevilla failed to get through. Only 4 have for the Premier League. The Premier League has actually gone back in the last 5 seasons, massively backward whilst France and Italy have improved.

6 Champions League titles in last 11 seasons & 7 Europa League titles in last 11 seasons for Spain. Spain still could clean house yet again this season with Celta Vigo in the Europa League.

What's funny is, you can see my comments on this site claiming Spain will keep this dominance, I made them claims several years ago when this site had high user engagement, safe to say I was right with my predictions... I actually was way too conservative with how much Spain would rule the footballing world, 3 years of clean sweeps + 8 finalists out a possible 12 over the 3 years.