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Real Madrid’s pursuit of David de Gea and co should be resisted

The club Sir Alex Ferguson called ‘that mob’ over Cristiano Ronaldo look to be after Manchester United’s goalkeeper and Chelsea’s Eden Hazard – but the Premier League duo should stand firm

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Germany71834d ago

I disagree with this opinion piece, Real Madrid is more competitive than Manchester United nowadays, it's normal for a great goalkeeper like De Gea to play on a better club.

KingPin1834d ago

sadly english clubs arent as big as they think they are.
in europe especially, if any player dreams of winning the champions league in the next 2-3 years, they going to need to move away from english clubs.
its pretty much as simple as that.
De gea is a great keeper so its no wonder why big clubs are looking at him. if united were consistently winning or at the top of the table, challenging for UCL like they were in the past, it would make sense not to leave. but they not doing that. not even close.

Germany71833d ago

Exactly, you said everything.

sonicwrecks1833d ago

No secret De Gea wants away, he held off on his dream but if they want him it's time to move on.