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A football fan explains why he watches football illegally

A football fan tells BBC Radio 5 live why he watches Premier League football streams illegally.

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KingPin1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

lol "we havent stolen their product, they still have their product....we just viewed their product." lmfao spoken like a true thief. their whole business is operated on you PAYING TO VIEW their product. this is not a try before you buy situation.

illegally streaming matches is stealing. there is no defending it. you can complain about the price it costs to view it all you want but in the end a company pays millions for the rights to broadcast it and they need to make their money back somehow with a profit. thats how business works.

the only way you could defend illegal streaming...and this is an extreme where there is no way whatsoever to view whatever it is you trying to watch. as in, no broadcaster is showing it, and no legit streaming service is offering it either leaving you with the only option to illegally stream it.

im not holier than thou here, i might have streamed football as have probably most of everyone who knows how to use the internet, but to try and even defend it. pathetic really.