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Manchester United fans slam Real Madrid for their treatment of Morata in transfer saga

Manchester United fans have torn into Real Madrid on Twitter over the club's treatment of Alvaro Morata.

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KingPin1783d ago

this is a massive loss to everyone involved.
united lost 75m.
real lost 65m which is really all morata is worth.
morata lost a chance to further his career with regular playing time.

guess the only player smiling here is lukaku.

S2Killinit1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

What?? How is it Real's fault? Are they not allowed to bargain? If they wanted him so bad they should have coughed up the asking price. They go and make a "shock move" for someone else and then blame Real. The only team being shady here, if any, is Manchester.

PapaBop1783d ago

There is a fine line between negotiating a fair deal and blatant overcharging. Expecting Utd to pay upwards of 80m for a player who will likely spend most of the season on the bench is taking the piss.

S2Killinit1775d ago

And who exactely sets the price in your opinion?