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Who are the Top 3 Replacements for Neymar?

With Neymar gone, who will Barca look to in order to fill the void? MenStuff's football writer Elan Solomon takes a closer-look at the Catalan side's options.

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KingPin1752d ago

thats a short list of nothing.
simply put, neymar was more than just a winger, he was the heir to messis legacy at barca.
he has the potential to live up to that and he proved it on more than a few occasions.
naming good footballers who can play in that position is not the same as "replacing" neymar. if you want to replace neymar, you need to find someone that could replace messi when hes gone. good luck with that.

IndieFolk1751d ago

There's no such thing as "a replacement for Neymar". The guy is unique. People who watched this guy playing for Santos FC in Brazil and watch all Brazil games know that he needs to be the team's #10 in order to perform best. FCB won't give him such freedom of movement. Moving to PSG is a great challenge even though I'd rather see him playing the Prem.

On-topic, I think FCB should go after Coutinho, Griezmann or Hazard (in this order) since, even though I see more potential in Dembélé, I think he's too young.