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It will be lonely for referees at the World Cup

Millions of soccer fans will be able to enjoy every detail of this year's World Cup in South Africa using the most up-to-date technology. The referees who make the decisions will be relying on their eyesight and good judgment alone.

"I'm not God," Swiss referee Massimo Busacca said to players during a European Championship game in 2008. "I make mistakes."

Busacca and Belgian referee Frank de Bleeckere are among the favorites to be awarded the task of officiating the final on July 11 -- if they can steer clear of controversy.

The referees at the World Cup will be on their own, unlike the millions of critics on the sidelines and in front of television screens who will savage their performances after viewing replays and slow motion from dozens of TV cameras. At previous tournaments, fans have issued death threats toward referees who make calls against their teams. Some refs have even quit the game.

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BjornarO5092d ago

The football is getting better and better, so must the referees also be. I dont think the always handle the situation good enough.