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Defends Francesco Totti's Kick On Inter Striker Mario Balotelli

Former Roma coach Carlo Mazzone has defended Francesco Totti's kick on Mario Balotelli by launching a verbal attack on the Inter striker.

Totti kicked the Italian from behind during the 1-0 Coppa Italia defeat. And Mazzone has defended the captain's actions, claiming Balotelli sparked up the trouble.

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donb5046d ago

Only a coach can defend such a unfair reaction from a player as Totti did yesterday. Evrybody sees its a red card. Take the punishment, say sorry or be quiet!

RedDevils5046d ago

Totti what a sore looser, just like his boyfriend Materazzi what a disgrace

Hakimy5046d ago

totti has good talent which was ruined by his actions.there is no point for looking for any's not like this is something weird or new from him ;)

Maradona5046d ago

Seems like everybody agree on this one exept Mazzone:)

Xenud5046d ago

...that i laughed at the replay of Totti's kick...he was so angry and put so disperation, look at his face...and who is speaking is an inter fan :) Hope for 3 match ban.