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Premier League reject Fulham request to move final match at Arsenal

The Premier League has rejected a formal request from Fulham to have their final league match of the season away to Arsenal brought forward a day.

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Maradona4482d ago

Typical the bosses in premier league. Wont help their own and best team in Europe

Shadow Flare4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

I'm hoping and expecting Fulham to play a weakened team against Arsenal now. As long as we don't have that donut Fabianski in goal, i think we'll be fine

donb4481d ago

Arsenal hasnt heard about fair play. Fulhams interest is the europa league final, not the premier league. Why not do something for their english colleges to play well in Europe? Is it becuase Wenger is french? or is it the culture of Arsenal?