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Seattle Sounders FC Apologizes to Fans After 4-0 Loss By Giving Refund

This, folks, is smart business. It's also really dangerous business if a team isn't any good.

Seattle Sounders FC of MLS lost 4-0 at home to LA Galaxy and, following the match, one of their players said the fans shouldn't have to pay to watch how terribly they played. So, in the same spirit of their representatives on the pitch, the owners agreed, offering a refund to every one of its (amazing) 32,000 season ticket holders.

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donb5127d ago

winning and loosing are parts of the passion of football. If you just want to pay if you no your team will win, youre not a worthy supporter for your team!

RememberThe3575126d ago

We're still going to support them the same way we supported them before they were MLS. The Sounders are doing this for their fans but because of their fans they're still going to make the trek to Qwest Field for their next home game. They are not giving refunds because they lost they are giving refunds because they played horribly. I think it's noble and I appreciate a team that is willing to take care of their fans and take responsibility for their play good or bad.