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Balotelli called me granddad - Totti

(GSM) - Francsesco Totti absolutely denies using a racist insult against Mario Balotelli. The Roma captain revealed how he was provoked by the Internazionale youngster during the Coppa Italia.

“From the first moment I stepped on to the pitch, Balotelli provoked me,” Totti said in the magazine Diva e Donna.

“He even said ‘Yo granddad! You are finished!’”

The Roma talisman responded by chasing down the 19-year-old Inter striker and viciously swinging a kick at the back of his ankle.

This led to a red card and a four-match ban, but there were also allegations from Balotelli’s agent of racist insults.

“I made a mistake and I know that, but I never used a racist epithet. Never,” insisted Totti.

“I feel very alone right now. Thankfully my life-long friends are with me, the children and my wife, Ilary.

“I made a mistake, but I was provoked.”

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