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Manchester City worry me now, says Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson believes the biggest threat to Manchester United's chances of landing a record-breaking 19th Premier League title next season could come on their doorstep.

The United manager, who correctly predicted last summer that Manchester City would not finish in the top four, is now anticipating a fiercer challenge from his neighbours.

Feeling threatened: Alex Ferguson on the touchline during the Manchester derby
'They will be a lot stronger this time,' he said. 'With the experience of last year behind them they'll be better equipped to go for the title because they will spend big money again.
'Winning the title is going to be more difficult for anybody. This time it's been ourselves and Chelsea and Arsenal for a period, but I think we can all hear the horses' hooves galloping closer.

'In addition to City, I'm expecting Tottenham to be in the mix as well. 'I suppose the neutrals will welcome a situation where the competition is spread further.

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donb5086d ago

Mr. Ferguson should not be worried. City can spend money, but thats it. Didnt make it do the CL after spending fortunes:)

crazyturkey5085d ago (Edited 5085d ago )

Thought that City was going to take a top four spot, namely Arsenal's spot, but then it was Liverpool who lost it and city did no get it, it was the Spurs.

Next year they probably will fight for the top and if Arshavin and Fabregas leave Arsenal then It will be an all out war between City, Liverpool, Arsenal and possibly Tottenham for 2 CL spots.

Arsenal seems to be getting Chamakh so maybe they won't feel the Arshavin hit that much.