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Highlights: Chievo 0-2 AS Roma

Italian Serie A.
Roma took 2nd place.

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Maradona5085d ago

A good season. But Inter was to strong.
2nd is a good place for this team.

steteo5085d ago

Several topics that should let people consider the 2010 ASRoma season as an "unbelivable one".

1) The disastrous beginnig of the seasons with two defeats in the first two matches

2) The consequent coach turnover from Spalletti to Ranieri

3) the smaller number of active players, when compared to the Inter's same figure: ASRoma has 4/5 excellent players, 4/5 good ones and 4/5 average ones, while Inter has 25 excellent/ good players

Considered all the above, noone would have bet on such a championship by ASRoma...

That's why if yesterday the Siena miedfielder Francesco Rosi (former Roma Player) had scored with his shoot in the last two minutes, we would have talked about the "AS Roma 2010 Legendary Championship".

Unfortunately the reality is different, and mathces like 1989 Liverpool-Arsenal 0-2, happens very rarely.

Proud to be Romanista.

ASR forever.