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Mourinho: Champs League bigger than World Cup

Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho says the Champions League is bigger than the World Cup.

Inter plays Bayern Munich in the final in Madrid on Saturday.

"This game is the most important in the world," Mourinho said on Tuesday. "It is even bigger than the World Cup because the teams in it are at a higher level than national teams, who can't buy the best players.

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Maradona5030d ago

I agree. The level is better in club level. Top teams Like Barca,Inter and Bayern

BjornarO5030d ago

World cup has a bigger audience. But not the best quality,

The Hunter5030d ago (Edited 5030d ago )

Yup I agree with you.. There are more club teams in the champions league wich have better players then teams in the world cup. The level of the champions league is higher, but a World Cup is special.. Its only one time in the 4 years, that why it is big!

Rowland5029d ago

... if any of the top 8 international sides were to play any of the top 8 Champions League sides over 2 legs then the International sides would come out on top overall. (The only proviso for this argument is that players playing against their own countries would be 'cup tied' thereby ensuring one team doesn't benefit over the other team).