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Glazer family stays many more years.

Manchester United fans can expect many more years of ownership by the controversial Glazer family after it emerged last night that members of the so-called 'Red Knights' group no longer expect their takeover bid to succeed.
United fans disillusioned by the burden of debt placed on their club by their American owners have been angered further this week by news that interest on one of the Glazers' loans is set to rise in the summer, costing them in the region of £67million over the next seven years.

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BjornarO5114d ago

Not good for ManU.
He dont care about manu, just business.

Maradona5114d ago

Big power by Glazers. They have to much control.
If this goes on, manu will loose a lot of supporters.

donb5113d ago

I hate people making business and only business out of football. I think it was mr. Hunter who said it very well: the american way of business does not suit to english soccer.

Maradona5113d ago

Yes. Its a lot in english soccer thats going the wrong way. Economy is the biggest issue.

BjornarO5113d ago

I want Ferguson to leave in protest against Glazers. If he dom he will a God for the supporter.