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David Silva to chose between Arsenal, City and Real Madrid

Real Madrid want to rush through a deal for David Silva because of fears that Manchester City and Arsenal will enter the race for the Valencia midfielder.

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crazyturkey4469d ago

that Arsenal will spend more than 8million on a player even if they get a lot of money for Cesc, So Real should only worry about City.

sokrates4469d ago

I agree. Arsenal wont spend any money, but City spends as idiots. Real compared to City, is like comparing sun and clouds. He must chose Real!

donb4469d ago

rsenal selling Fabregas for 80 million, they could buy Silva and use the left overs for Zlatan. If they sell, they will try to buy him. Thats for sure.

RedDevils4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

where did you get that from, mind tell me the source (legit one), cause I read even somewhere on goal, barca fork out 40ml for the best Spain striker and villa is consider as one the top 5 players or 3 players in the world, I don't see Fabrecas cost near that maybe 60ml and that I think is still too expensive

Leio4467d ago

No one will ever pay 80 mil Fabregas thats If it even exist that price tag is for keeping him only

donb4469d ago

I find it hard to believe as well. Might not be a solid source that daily mail. Dont know the english media that well. But, arsenal may charge an amount, knowing nobody wants to buy him for that price.

vhero4469d ago

Real will pay silly money for him as they too have an unlimited pot like City as its the Spanish tax payers as usual that will pay for the signing.