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Mourinho ready for Madrid

Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho says Real Madrid will become his 'third house' as he prepares to leave Italy after winning the UEFA Champions League.

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moha105079d ago

Mourinho is not enough to beat Barca in La Liga.

topdawg1225079d ago

We welcome the Special One to the Bernabeu, he's already won one trophy there, maybe he can win more.

njc5078d ago

He is a hype! Like in life its all about confidence. If you are confident that you will succeed, you will.

zico5078d ago

You have to be more than "the special one" to beat Barca this season: Hear this: Messi, Villa, Zlatan, Henry, Xavi, Iniesta and soon FABREGAS!

RedDevils5078d ago (Edited 5078d ago )

zlatan and henry should go, bojan and pedro should play

btw barca are starting to hogging all the stars, and start hating them and I hope they loose next season to madrid

Leio5078d ago

Doesnt matter who should leave or stay Barca had tactical problems thats why they lost last time.
"Short pass and breakaway" doesn't work well against good defensive teams. I dont really understand all the Zlatan hate lately but the losts against Inter is clearly the coachs fault.. Morinho beats Guadiola in every way and Zlatan of all players who sucks that day got the blame :/
I think he should leave that crowd especially when you are just as good as the last game ...

sokrates5078d ago

Not even dobling the number of defenders in Mourinhos team (that makes it 22) could stop Barca beating Real in la liga next season.

Leio5078d ago

They barely won this season so i wont be that cocky. I dont see Villa and Fabregas can make such drastically change the same way Mourinho did for Inter.
Nonetheless next season is gonna be awesome.