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England's Rio Ferdinand concerned about Wembley pitch

England captain Rio Ferdinand has expressed concern about the state of the Wembley pitch ahead of Monday night's friendly against Mexico. The danger posed by the uneven surface was highlighted when Blackpool forward Gary Taylor-Fletcher sprained his ankle in the play-off final on Saturday.

Ferdinand has joined John Terry in questioning the number of non-football events being held at Wembley. "It is a football stadium. That is what it was built as," said Ferdinand.

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donb5024d ago

Ferdinand is concerned about injuries. He has good reasons. The pitch looks like a place suited for growing potatoes. This is the last thing england needs to gamble with before the world cup. either wembley is a football stadium or its not. simple.

sokrates5024d ago

Footballers today are afraid of evrything. In the old days pitches like wembley was the rule, not an excpetion. We are spoiled with good pitches, and thats good. Still we need to understand that running wembley and other big stadiums is expensive, and they need income to get it go around.

donb5024d ago

Strange opinion. Cant compare football today with the football decades ago. The circumstances has totally changed. Besides, wembley is their national stadium for the biggest sport in the country, the country where football was borned. Its a shame receiving international teams on this pitch!!!