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Alexi Lalas: USA beating England at World Cup 2010 would not be a shock

Former United States international Alexi Lalas has claimed that it will not be a shock should his nation beat England in the group stages of the World Cup next month.

The ex-defender, who played in the Americans' defeat of England in 1993, feels that seeing the USA as underdogs in the fixture is not necessarily correct.

Lalas, now a television pundit, believes that the Three Lions think they are a better side than they actually are, and, with a host of Premier League stars in their squad, America should not underestimate themselves.

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sokrates5136d ago

USA beating England in the WC is a bigger than Iceland winnnig the europeen championship. Wont happen!

Rowland5136d ago

this would have happened under previous head clown Graham Taylor - England lost 2-0 in 1993 - but won't happen under Capello. Worst case would be a draw (unlikely but possible) but England still get through the group....

BjornarO5136d ago

Since the 1960s, England thought they was able to win the trophy. But they are not that good at all. And USA has a fair chance beating England.

Maradona5136d ago

Not big difference between these two teams.

zico5136d ago

I think the usa has a good team. They came to the final during the trial world cup last year, and we should not underestimate them.