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Even Chris Waddle couldn't miss with the new World Cup ball

Stepping into the Sports Technology Institute at Loughborough University is like entering Q's laboratory. It looks like something straight out of James Bond, but the reality is far more exciting than any fictional film.
This is where adidas's 2010 World Cup ball, the Jabulani, was developed.

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Maradona5069d ago

New technology will make a lot of goals. it will be difficult for the goalkeeper.

donb5069d ago

Even Chris Waddle couldnt miss? He was one of the greatest, remember him played in the olympiqe Marseille. He could score with a pineapple- so dont tell me that even him could score.

sokrates5069d ago

Never saw him in MArseille, But saw him for England. Not that good. Maybe he should try this new ball anyway... :)

BjornarO5069d ago

he was not that good. But the ball today is good.

Rowland5068d ago

Chris Waddle was a bit part player for England and no surprise he missed 'that' penalty. But he's not alone - sadly one of far too many excellent club players that couldn't transfer great talent & effectiveness at league level to the international stage.