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Lionel Messi names England as one of three favourites for World Cup

Lionel Messi believes England have every chance of winning this summer's World Cup, naming them as one of the three best teams in the tournament.

"I think that right now, the strongest sides going into the World Cup are Spain, England and Brazil," Messi told CNN International when asked whether the Spanish should be considered favourites. "They [all] had a strong, easy qualifying and are very tough."

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donb5142d ago

I think Messi is confusing... Does he the the three lions could choose players from the Premier League. Then England would have a chance. I really dont think theire team is strong enough to reach the top. It would be fun though...

Rowland5142d ago

England are usually in the top 6-8 but have had bad luck & bad refereeing decisions in recent tournaments. England will definitely reach the quarter finals (top 8) and then we'll see....

Leio5141d ago

Top 6-8 ? that's very generous since they haven't archive anything worth noticing in the last 20 years (if not longer) compare to small team like let say Sweden or Greece... :/. And 20 years of bad luck & bad refereeing doesn't sound right to me.