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Portugal Goalkeeping Coach Dan Gaspar - The Truth About Cristiano Ronaldo That Few Know

Goal writes: "My name is Dan Gaspar and I want to share a story about Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s a story that I’m sure you are not aware of, but one that needs to be told. I believe in destiny - this is an example. Behind the superstar celebrity is a genuine and caring human being.

I was fortunate to be invited by Professor Carlos Queiroz, Portugal National Team Coach to join their staff for qualification for the 2010 World Cup I have worked with Carlos before, and I felt honored to be a part Portugal’s preparation."

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TheJack5104d ago

Thats true. Well written, and nice to get another view of the kid.

RedDevils5104d ago

when I look at the title "Portugal Goalkeeping Coach Dan Gaspar - The Truth About Cristiano Ronaldo" I was crossing my fingers and say GAY! GAY! ROFL

karim5104d ago

The last words from Brandon "I spoke to ronaldo,now I can go to heaven" made me cry :( Cristiano you earned my respect as a human being (from a chelsea fan)

sokrates5104d ago

This is a new side of Ronaldo. Nice to read stories that make me think twice!

donb5104d ago

This story is so diferent from my general view of Ronaldo. Really good article. Worth reading!

megacardo5104d ago

Never liked Ronaldo, because he seems so arrogant. I must say, this story makes me like him. My gratulations, Ronaldo!

Cyrus3655104d ago

Yeah most people view is that Ronaldo is arrogant, but this story atleast make you think twice.

Very Nice.