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Highlights: Zimbabwe 0-3 Brazil

Friendly match

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BjornarO5069d ago

Brazil will go to atleast the semi final.

sokrates5069d ago

I dont believe in Brazil that much this year. I really would enjoy a victory, but they are not playing that well at the moment.

RedDevils5068d ago

but so as the other team even worse SPAIN, that team can create two world class squad, but you see they still doing bad, consider how many talents they have, look at Netherlands dribbling way through defenders with bucket of goals, and I think it doesn't mean anything,

btw I'm Dutch but I'm not too confident if my team will get to the semi, but who know, the ball is round and anything can happen and brazil have a good record of making it happen

megacardo5068d ago

RedDevils! Clear the ball is round and rolls of Spain. maybe not the best defense but they are the best team to attack. how you win games it is scores goals. it does spain.

Viva Espania