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Chelsea striker Drogba says he will miss World Cup after fractured elbow in Ivory Coast friendly

Ivory Coast star Didier Drogba has admitted he is out of the World Cup after fracturing his right elbow in a friendly against Japan today, according to L'Equipe.

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moha105098d ago

He will be back to their opening match against Portugal. I`m sure.

RedDevils5098d ago

Man why there so many injuries right before the 23 squad confirm, Rio, Ballack, essien, now drogba and possibly Caesar, this is not good at all for the neutral. Although it lucky Netherlands is injuries free, but I won't be surprise if there is

donb5098d ago

Drogba is usally full of injuries, wich hee seems to recover very fast:) I am sure he will play.

Jack_325098d ago

I heard he has broken his arm, not fractured it.

camehlheon5097d ago

He's being operated. But you don't recover from a broken arm within 10 days and play the biggest competition in the world... It's unlikely if you ask me, but I'm no doctor ;)