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Liverpool midfielder Yossi Benayoun agrees four-year contract with Chelsea

Liverpool midfielder Yossi Benayoun has agreed a four-year deal with Chelsea, according to reports in the Israeli international's homeland.

The 30-year-old intimated earlier this year that he will be heading for Stamford Bridge, and Sport 5 in Israel now reports that the deal has been completed

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donb5056d ago

Next season I really hope Chelsea is going down!!!

donb5056d ago (Edited 5056d ago )

I am, and I will keep on dreaming. Until the owner is gone. Then I will start liking them again.

karim5056d ago

what's wrong with the owner?

sokrates5056d ago

Liverpool sells evrything to get money. No players no future! Chelsea has it all, except from a soul...

karim5056d ago

ummm...what about real madrid,barcelona and manchester city ? for the last 3 seasons chelsea have bought players with a total of under 55M but barcelona bought 2 seasons ago for 60M and this season they bought david villa for 49mill $ and want fabregas who arsenal won't sell him for less than 40M total (2 seasons):149M (if they buy fabregas) and now to real madrid 250M last season enough said. Man City every season a spending spree more than 60M each season.taduhh

Kisooooo5056d ago

Liverpool letting their best player after the duo Gerrard - Torres, they dont stand a chance next season! Relegation i say...