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Tevez eyes title, praises ´phenomenon´ Maradona

PRETORIA (AFP) - Carlos Tevez said on Tuesday that he and his Argentine teammates were solely interested in winning the World Cup, rather than just putting in a solid showing in South Africa.

"A good World Cup for Argentina will be to win it - nothing else will do. If we get to the quarters, the last 16, or whatever - that will not do," said the Manchester City striker at a news conference in Pretoria.

Tevez also said he was right behind coach Diego Maradona, a controversial choice to take the reins midway through an unconvincing qualifying campaign.

"A phenomenon," exclaimed Tevez, when asked to describe the 1986 World Cup-winning skipper.

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Maradona5086d ago

Maradona has been an important man on Argentinas way to this world cup. wouldnt make it without him.

amolang5085d ago

I really think that Argentina can go far this time, and I don't doubt that some credit goes to Maradona. A lot of people blast him, but I think he can be a great coach, just like he was a great player.

shadowraiden5085d ago

lmao he is a bad coach and if argentina do win the world cup it will have nothing to do with maradona it will be of the great players in that team.
marodona has shown he doesnt know whats hes doing in countless interviews for example drop 2 of the best argentina players who won champs league for complete unknowns who have never played for argentina before yh great coach that is.

Mac is OK5085d ago

People don't seem to understand how important it is to have someone who knows what it is like to win a World Cup on the bench. How many good teams end up losing before they should because they don't have the nerves to go all the way (Spain). That's why Germany and Brazil always go far, they are used to being in finals and don't feel so much pressure.