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Police take charge at four World Cup stadiums

JOHANNESBURG (AFP) - South African police have taken control of security at four World Cup stadiums following a series of walk-outs by stewards, a statement from national commissioner Bheki Cele said on Tuesday.

The police service would deploy around 1,000 of its members to provide security inside Johannesburg's Ellis Park stadium for a match between Brazil and North Korea later in the day.

They would also take over responsibility for security in Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, the statement said.

"We have activated necessary and adequate contingency plans to different stadia in the country," said Cele.

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Maradona4447d ago

good security is necessary, even in this friendly world cup

sokrates4447d ago

But, why all the problems?

donb4447d ago

Only the idea of the event is friendly, south africa has even bigger social problems than south america.

BjornarO4447d ago

They are doing it just to provide the problems before it happens. Nothing is wrong yet.

Maradona4447d ago

The securuty people have said yes to that wages. To go out in strike no is hopeless...

camehlheon4446d ago

Please arrest anyone who has a vuvuzela ... lol :-)

skynidas4446d ago

lol seriously, those things are really annoying.