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World of Goals: Best Players of World Cup 2010 Round 1

Now that round 1 of World Cup 2010 is over, here are the best players so far according to World of Goals and the WG Index:

1. Gabriel Heinze (Argentina)
2. Jung-Soo Lee (Korea Republic)
3. Elano (Brazil)
4. Thomas Müller (Germany)
5. Lukas Podolski (Germany)

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vitavision4444d ago

Why there is no English players in top 5?
Steven Gerrard or Glen Johnson! Only them two were on top of their class.

Cemperor4444d ago (Edited 4444d ago )

England did not win the match against the US and players are rewarded with more points when winning a match. In addition, Gerrard received a Yellow Card, which lowers the score with a point. Brief explanation of the WG Index:

zico4444d ago

Because they did not play well against USA. Maybye one of the most boring matches so far in the tournement. Hopefully they will play better next round and maybye then some of the player can move up to a top 5 or 10 list.

zico4444d ago

but what about Maicon (Brazil) and Klose (Germany)?

Cemperor4444d ago

Maicon just made it in the top 10. If Brazil would not have conceded a goal, then Maicon would make the top spot together with Heinze from Argentina.

Klose is currently on rank number 15. Podolski ranks higher (number 5) because of a succesful assist.

Pacman3214444d ago

I personally thing Robiniho should be up there, i havnt seen him play so well in a long time.

zico4444d ago

Yes he played good, but Brazil didn`t play as we used to se them. But I`m sure they are gonna play mutch better in the next matches. Hopefully they don`t meet Spain in the 1/8final. That`s my favorite final match!

albaniasoccer4444d ago

Dont agree with this article

Cemperor4444d ago

Just a note: this list is not based on an editorial piece or the opinion of a journalist. It's calculated based on statistics.

-Mezzo-4444d ago

Where the heck is *Robiniho*.

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