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110° E3 Impressions: FIFA Soccer 11

With soccer growing in popularity in the Unites States, it should be of no real surprise that EA Sports was eager to show off their upcoming sports title FIFA 11 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The Wii version was curiously absent for presentations and demos.

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-Mezzo-3577d ago

Certainly looking forward to this game, i remember the goo old days when i used to score 10 or more goals in every match, but now scoring a single goal has gotten insanely hard.

arezvani3577d ago

I enjoy both Fifa and PES, but I will be honest EA keep making the game better in strides

Harry1903577d ago

PES has really taken a step forward this time.

elcompa4253576d ago

Fifa 10 for another two years...