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World Cup 2010 Statistics

Keep track of your team and how they are performing. See how many fouls they are guilty of. Which team is scoring the most. Check out the stats.

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Harry1904999d ago

and too many draws. The necessity to win has affected the beautiful game too much. Where's the excitement?

Maradona4999d ago

Hi Harry.

I really agree with you.
But i also think that there are more teams with higher level, and better organized.

But i wish they could give some more in the offensive game.

Mac is OK4999d ago

The second group matches started pretty well, 13 goals in 4 matches.

Harry1904999d ago

club football because that's where all the good stuff comes from. Club teams have a real chemistry/ a history, a philosophy, a style of play. Such is not the case for most countries. The players just don't play with each other enough and they can't really gel. The only team that's playing some very good football right now is Germany because half the team comes from the young guys who have been in the same squad for the past 5 years. International football has been boring for the past 20 years. It's not really going to change. I watch the world cup mostly to see how the players from my team are doing and if they are improving.