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donb5122d ago

South Korea was weak, never the less: Enjoy the world cups best TEAM playing excellent football!

sokrates5122d ago

Cant say anything about Argentina after this match. South korea is lucky and happy just to play the WC. I think the best team is Brazil!

donb5122d ago

Argentina has the best players. And play the best football. No one can tell me that Brazil is a better squad. And no one is better than MESSI! He can win on his own.

sokrates5122d ago

Messi is the best player at the moment. Brazil has a better team. No doubt. Dunga is a way better coach than Maradona. Wait and see!

Harry1905122d ago

A more complete player. He can score from free kicks, from open play, from corners, he is extremely good in the air. Messi actually can't do that. The sad thing about it is that Ronaldo plays with mediocre players around him while Messi has ver good team mates. That's why he is so successful at Barcelona, because he is served on a silver platter. For Argentina, it's different. And honestly, Argentina is playing in a very weak group.

megacardo5122d ago

Argentina played well. But they are not the best team. Remeber Brazil, Netherlands, even Mexico- and Spain will kick back after an unlucky start!

camehlheon5122d ago

Was one of the most enjoyable games in the cup so far, GRATS Argentina ! Awesome Messi as usual

-Mezzo-5122d ago

This a very easy win for Argentine, i never thought South Korea would be that easy to beat for Argentine as they looked nice in their previous matches.

Mac is OK5122d ago

There's just too much talent in this team.

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