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donb5116d ago

Best match in the championship until know. Its amazing how USA turns the game. They had a 3-2 victory, but the referee fails to cancel it. England and USA goes through to the 16th

TheJack5116d ago

Too bad that the referee made that mistake. Think that it has been a lot of mistakes made by the referee in this WC

moha105116d ago

DonB, I agree. Definetliy the best match so far. And later it`s England`s turn, and they have to win!

Harry1905116d ago

make a mistake? It was a clear foul in the box before the player kicked the ball into the net. Those fouls are signaled very often. What's so different this time aside from the fact that it's the USA ? I really don't get it.

donb5116d ago

That is happens to the USA is out of topic. I just dont think its a foul. I know wich situation you mean, and even if it was Brazil scoring against Argentina - I would not cancel it.

topdawg1225116d ago

Where on Earth is there a foul and by who? I've watched the replay tons of times and i don't see any foul by a US player. If anything I see a couple of fouls by Slovenia.

RedDevils5116d ago

even the analysis said it was clearly a foul and should have been a penalty, not to mention the goal should have been given. The defenders clear holding the USA players, and I forgot the USA player name that score, he was been shirt pull in that case it should be a penalty, the ref was right in front of them the goal should have been given, which I don't understand why it been cancel

sokrates5116d ago

USA can take it far. Both Goal scores, Donovan and Bradley, shows they hold high international level. US football has their brake through!

megacardo5116d ago

They are good enough to play against the second best. Lucky against England. When they meet the big nations, they will loose. Even so, the match was really enjoyable. Nice goals!

Leio5116d ago

It should have been 3-2 i´m kind of pissed with all the ref's performances this year :(

polarbear5116d ago

The ref was a total wreck:
Called intentional handball on an obvious accident
And that last call is just rediculous, it's even listed as an unidentified penalty

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