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The 6 biggest off-the-field World Cup controversies

The Week: Fake North Korean fans, illegal Dutch miniskirts, and a Brazilian Twitter hoax. The drama behind the scenes at the World Cup is almost as scintillating as the action on the pitch.

Although some pundits are bemoaning the lack of on-field drama during the first round of the World Cup — only 6 of 32 teams scored more than one goal in their opening matches — there's been plenty of controversy outside the bounds of play. From allegedly fake fans to sexy miniskirt scandals, here's a round-up of World Cup controversies.

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Harry1904999d ago

also cost Robbie Earle his job I'd like to point out. He was the one who gave the free tickets.

Harry1904999d ago

and he received around 100 free tickets. Usually, those tickets are given to family or friends but he gave them to those models. His bosses found out and since it's illegal, they had to fire him.

donb4999d ago

Profesional North Korean fans, who is Chinese, paid from the embassy of North Korea- is the best:) Would like to get paid to see them play as well. Just call me!

narmonteto4999d ago

THis is so disturbing and to think that I actually thought that those fans were north Koreans, just wow

-Mezzo-4998d ago

LOL, i see funny stuff.