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An explanation: 2010 World Cup team nicknames

Yahoo Sports: Everyone needs a good nickname, and the 32 teams of 2010 World Cup are no different. Just like real nicknames, you should only really use these monikers if you're really familiar with the team. If you're a fan for example. Otherwise it just sounds like you're trying too hard. Which is why you'll hear the World Cup announcers trying really hard to work in a nickname wherever they can.

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-Mezzo-4439d ago

lol, this is great article, Bookmarked it for future reference. lol

Maradona4439d ago

Yeah. Really cool article. Nice to know:)

ALL_STAR_284439d ago

Blue Samurai. Best name on the list.

-Mezzo-4438d ago

agreed, i only knew a handful of teams nick names.