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BjornarO4435d ago

I say it again: Paraguay will do really good in this tournament. quarter or semi is not impossible.

-Mezzo-4435d ago

I agree with you, i think they will make it to Semi Final.

sokrates4435d ago

With a bit of luck, they might go all the way. Why not? They have the qualities!

donb4435d ago

Hey, I really dont think you mean it! You wrote earlier that Paraguay is to week and corrupt. 1 win and you change! What happened?

sokrates4435d ago

Paraguay plays well, much better than they ever did before. Thats why I changed my mind. So what?

ALL_STAR_284435d ago

Slovakia... Dammit. Paraguay is good but I don't think they will make it too far.

albaniasoccer4434d ago

paraguay played good that game.