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Five Greatest Players Who Never Won a World Cup

The Big Lead: Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, Zidane. Winning the World Cup is an instant path to soccer immortality. However, uncontrollable factors, such as fortune, timing and a supporting cast play a pivotal role in World Cup success. Some of the game’s immortal talents never get a chance. Here are the five greatest soccer players of all-time who never won the World Cup.

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-Mezzo-5053d ago

Agreed, they all are great players, but never had been fortunate enough to win their team the World Cup.

moha105053d ago

One of them were Zico. I think all the Brazilian 82-team should be in the list. It`s the best world cup team ever.

zico5053d ago

I totally agree Moha10. the brazilian 82-team were great, and Zico was teh star of this team!

FootballZilla5052d ago

There are loads of class players that never won a World Cup.

RedDevils5052d ago

It was so unlucky for us to loose the 1974 world cup to Germany, I wish we would win it this year, GO ORANJE let flush the competition with goals :D