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As French Soccer Falters, the World Snickers

WSJ: Brazil, naturally. The Netherlands and Argentina? Sure. Even a possible winner from Monday’s mid-morning Chile-Switzerland game wouldn’t be a total stunner. But the fact that those three nations are the only teams in the entire World Cup with two wins after two World Cup games is pretty surprising, given that seven teams went two-for-two in the first two rounds of the 2006 World Cup and that big-ticket national teams like Spain (which lost to Switzerland last week) looked strong coming into the tournament.

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-Mezzo-5054d ago

The last world Cup Finalists are out in the first round, SHAME.

SactoGamer5053d ago

I'll admit it. I cracked a smile when the French faltered.

polarbear5053d ago

Though I did find it slightly humorous, I'm highly disappointed the team fell apart like that