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USA makes it through in final minutes against Algeria | Zoopy

"The USA have advanced to the second round of the World Cup after a one-zero win against Algeria. It was a nail-biting game which saw the only goal scored in the 90th minute of the game."

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SelecaoSupporter5076d ago

Horrible reffing, but that was amazing. The US trusted Howard and cheated on defense to set up the break. Howard came through, set up Landon. there are so many things in that sequence that would end it with the US going down 2-1. If Dempsey shoots a couple inches higher, and it deflects out for a corner, if Donovan is a half-step slower to the carom...

Sweet, sweet win. It has been an epic week for sports fans. Lakers take the title in Game 7 last Thursday, Isner-Mahut go to 70-68 in the 5th at Wimbledon, and the US go through and win the group on a brilliant effort.

Needless to say, I've hardly gotten any work done all week.