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France’s big shame: Dissing the World Cup

Yahoo Sports: French soccer chiefs were so certain their failing team would crash out of the World Cup that they had a bus ready to take them straight to the airport for a coach-class flight back home. Sure enough, the most arrogant, disjointed, fractured and embarrassing squad in the tournament was happy to oblige.

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-Mezzo-4991d ago

Yup, it sure is shame they were the runners up pf last world cup, which led me to believe they would do great again.

But NO!

polarbear4990d ago

Their falling apart was quite a shame, but as the article stated it wasn't completely unexpected
But I do hate how it says they cheated their way in with Henry's handball; the refs couldn't see it and it was clearly unintentional

FootballZilla4990d ago

A Real big shame for Football not just France but ITaly aswell.
They were both in the final last world cup :(

albaniasoccer4990d ago

France tried. I was glad Italy was out.