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donb5050d ago (Edited 5050d ago )

1 goal. 1 stolen 100% chance (no offside at all). 1 stolen penalty.
Easy win for uruguay. Wait and see!

sokrates5050d ago

1-1. Not so easy. LOL! But, I am hoping for Uruguay!

donb5050d ago

Trust me. 2-1 Suarez. Easy win. LOL-LOL-LOL- Louder!

BjornarO5050d ago (Edited 5050d ago )

Uruguay was the better team. 2-1 was deserved.

RedDevils5050d ago (Edited 5050d ago )

didn't take their chances consider how many time they attack, but still Suarez second goal was awesome!

BjornarO5050d ago

Open game. A 1-0 lead is nothing, and south korea has chances as well.

donb5050d ago

I am sure mr. Bradley leads USA to a quarterfinal. Then they meet Uruguay. Thats an open Match!

RedDevils5050d ago

Ghana have been very lucky in this world cup, consider they have a win and a draw because of penalty, and if they win the USA, It will make me believe that they might go into the semi-FINAL

polarbear5050d ago

South Korea tried pretty hard for this one

FootballZilla5050d ago

South Korea Tried to get the win but Uruguay are better tacticly.

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