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Uruguay 2-1 South Korea: Luis Suarez Shoots Celeste Into Quarter-Finals

Uruguay will enjoy their first World Cup quarter-final for 40 years after defeating South Korea 2-1 on a wet early evening in Port Elizabeth.

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The Hunter4991d ago

Congratz Uruguay and Luis Suarez! I think Man U will now pay €40 million for Suarez! ;)

But I hope he stay at Ajax Amsterdam!

sokrates4991d ago

I am sure a big club will offer an huge amount of money to secure a Suarez sign. It means goog money for the Ajax School!

donb4991d ago

Suarez is lost to a bigger league. And Hunter, you were right. Remember you adviced to watch out for Suarez...

polarbear4991d ago

Good work by Suarez, if he keeps that up I won't be surprised to see him moving up

FootballZilla4991d ago

Suarez is good, really good but he is not a top striker i think if he goes to a top league like premier league or la liga he wont do that good... but he also might... he is preety good :D

-Mezzo-4990d ago

South Koreans played good but, Uruguay got the better of them today. Well Done Uruguay.